Based in Nashville, TN, Notelle has been working as a featured vocalist and topliner since 2014. Working with DJs and producers around the globe, she has accumulated over 8,050,000+ million streams on Spotify, as both a writer and a vocalist, with repeat features on Spotify’s FreshEDM, Hot New Dance, Friday Cratediggers, Heart Beats, Sad Beats, Pop Chillout, Study Break, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds:Poptronix, Italians Do It Better, Shisha Lounge, Stepping Out, New Music Friday’s and Deep Delight playlists, Apple’s “Pop Rising” and “Breaking Dance”, 4+ million plays on YouTube, coverage on Sirius XM Radio and, and has tracks signed to over 15 labels including Armada, Monstercat, Proximity, Lowly, Hinky, AtLast, Seeking Blue, Thrive, Ultra, Ophelia and Knight Vision (Warner Music) - all while remaining independent.

Now, Notelle is exploring her solo artistry. She has spent the past year developing her version of “dark industrial pop”. Utilizing her love for gritty, chest-compressing low end, haunting yet unpretentious vocals and rhythmic, percussive synths, she has created 5 singles that define who she is as a writer, a featured vocalist, and most importantly, a new artist. Her debut solo single, “POWER”, premiered on local Nashville radio station - Lightning 100’s The 615, while her third single “Out Of Love” was selected as a DJ pick and included in regular rotation.

With her most recent single, "Beyond The Grave", Notelle explores an even grittier sound than her audiences has have heard from her before. The genre-breaking bass house folk song is unlike anything coming out of Nashville's pop scene. Notelle's fearless desire to cross genres and avoid standard structure is producing stranger yet more unique artistic work from this "must watch" new artist. Within the first two weeks, “Beyond The Grave” hit Spotify’s “Study Break”, “Fresh Finds” and “Fresh Finds: Poptronix” Editorials organically.

ft. vocalist & writer credits

“Breathe Without ft Luma” - Nurko

  • Released on Proximity

  • 1,428,000+ streams on Spotify

  • 590,000+ YouTube streams within 8 weeks

  • Featured on Spotify’s “New Music Friday Cratediggers” & “Sad Beats” playlists, Apple Music’s “Breaking Dance” playlists and Spinnin’ Records “New Music Friday Dance” playlist

“Beyond The Grave” by Notelle

“Again Now ft Luma” - Kharfi

  • Released on AtLast Miami Beats

  • 1,400,000+ streams on Spotify

  • Featured on Spotify’s “Pop Chillout” & “Italians Do It Better” playlist

“Tonight ft Luma” - Nurko

“Nothing More ft Luma” - Mazare

  • Released on Monstercat Records

  • Featured on Spotify’s “Heart Beats” & “Stepping Out” playlist

  • Featured on Seven Lions’ “The Observatory”

  • 235,000+ streams on Spotify

“Broken ft Luma” - WE ARE FURY

  • Released on Seeking Blue

  • 22,000+ streams on Spotify (10,000 in 24 hours)

  • Support from The Chainsmokers and NGHTMRE

“Sad About It ft Luma” - Gill Chang

  • 68,000+ streams on Spotify

“Be Without You ft Notelle & Luma” - Kepik

  • Released on Hinky Records

  • 180,000+ streams on Spotify

“Feels Like A Dream ft Luma” - Awakend & Herrin

  • Released on Enforce Records

  • 260,000+ streams for Spotify

“Close Enough ft Luma” - Jai Nova

  • 240,000+ streams on Spotify

  • Featured on Apple Music’s “Breaking Dance” and “Pop Rising”

“Unbroken ft Luma” - INF1N1TE

  • 5,500+ streams on Spotify

  • Chosen for Taco Bell’s “Feed The Beat”

“POWER” - Notelle

“Out Of Love” by Notelle

  • Premiered on YadeeYadah Podcast

  • Selected as DJ Pick for Nashville’s Local Radio Station Lightning 100 and included in regular rotation

“WHO R U ft Notelle” - PatrickReza

  • Premiered on

  • Featured on Spotify’s “Fresh EDM” playlist

  • 1.75 million Youtube views

  • 710,000+ streams on Spotify

  • Featured on MrSuicideSheep Youtube Channel with 9.8 Million Subscribers

  • Released on label Seeking Blue

“Leave It All ft Luma” - ARMNHMR

  • Premiered on EDM.Com

  • 430,ooo+ streams on Spotify

  • Featured on EDM Sauces’ “New EDM” playlist on Spotify

  • Featured on LA Based Brownies & Lemonade “Fresh Batch” playlist on Spotify

  • Featured on Sirius Radio’s “Phoenix Radio” by Illenium

  • Featured on Marshmello’s “Keep It Mello” playlist on Spotify

“I’ve Been Hoping ft Notelle” - Felon

  • Released on label Armada Deep

  • 94,000+ Streams on Spotify

  • Featured on Spotify’s “Hot New Dance”

  • Featured on Armada’s “Invites Radio”

“Hold Me Down ft Notelle” - Noize Generation 

  • Released on label Knight Vision of Warner Music

  • Featured on Spotify’s “Deep Delight”, “Hot New Dance”, “New Music Friday Deutschland” and “New Music Friday Schweiz” playlist

  • 210,000+ streams on Spotify

“Hot Blooded ft Notelle” - Felix & Gianx

  • Released on Jango Music

  • Featured on 20+ Official Label Playlists on Spotify

  • 210,000+ streams on Spotify

  • Broke Beatport’s Deep House Chart at 75

“Horizon ft Notelle” - Telomic

  • Released on Galacy Records

  • 230,000+ streams on Spotify

“Alone ft Notelle” - Telomic

  • Released on Galacy Records

  • 64,000+ streams on Spotify

“Here’s to Hoping ft Luma” - AXEN

  • Released on Circus Records

  • 5,500+ streams on Spotify

“Higher ft Notelle” - Will O.B.  

  • Released on Audiophile XXL

  • Featured on Audiophile XXL 3 Year Anniversary Compilation

“New Life Part 1 ft Notelle” - Venemy

  • Released on Philosophy Records

  • 149,000+ streams on Spotify

“New Life Part 2 ft Notelle” - Venemy 

  • Released on Philosophy Records

  • 407,000+ streams on Spotify

“Fly ft Notelle” - PatrickReza

  • 220,000+ streams on Spotify

“Home ft Notelle” - Elliot Berger

  • 123,000+ streams on Spotify

“Minded ft Luma” - Bailo

  • Released on Circus Records

  • 10,000+ streams on Spotify

“Diamonds ft Notelle” - Dean Mickowski

  • Released by

  • 17,000+ streams on Spotify

“Promises ft Notelle” - Showdown

  • Released on Celsius Recordings

“Alchemy ft Notelle” - Thastor

  • 28,000+ streams on Spotify

“Lies ft Notelle” - Telomic

  • Released on Celsius Recordings

  • 6,000+ streams on Spotify

“The Breakup ft Notelle” - Venemy 

  • Released on Simplify Recordings

  • Featured on Mt. Eden’s Radio Compilation

“Somewhere Only We Can Go ft. Notelle” - Thastor

  • 184,000+ streams on Spotify

“Somewhere Only We Can Go ft Notelle” (Tropical House Edit) - Thastor

  • 28,000+ streams on Spotify

“Let It Spin” - Shooter Morales

  • Licensed for world wide use by “The World Groove Movement”

“Permission ft Notelle & KELLR” - Davis Mallory

“Changes ft Luma” - Rickie Nolls & Codi

“Lost Love ft Luma” - Cherney


  • 8,050,000+ Million streams on Spotify

  • Fourth single “Beyond The Grave” hit Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” & “Fresh Finds: Poptronix” editorials

  • Third single “Out Of Love” selected as DJ Pick on Nashville’s local radio Lightning 100

  • Song “Fresh Kicks” chosen by PopOff Nashville as Silent Disco Winner for “Fashion Meets Music” Event

  • Debut single “Power” featured on Lightning 100.1’s “The 615” Show

  • Featured live performance with Drew Martin on Lightning 100.1

  • Featured in All Access Music Interview of Moodsmith

  • Grand Prize Winner of 2018 Hollywood Songwriting Contest

  • Finalist in 2018 New Media Film Festival Original Song

  • Finalist in 2017 American Songwriting Awards

  • Finalist in 2014 ASCAP “Writer’s Night” Competition Series